Camp Day: Pressed Flower Fairies

During Nature Girl Camp we created gardens full of fairies................

Pressed flowers remind me of Victorian children skipping rope and playing in fields of wildflowers. I pressed varieties of flowers the previous summer and thought it would be fun to offer them for a collage project. I invited the girls to look through a copy of The Complete Book of Flower Fairies by Cecily Mary Barker for ideas. They drew fairies and other garden dwellers. Then I presented them with the delicate flowers. They used petals to "dress" their paper fairies and created little gardens from the stemmed flowers.

We glued our fairies and flowers to a small canvas and carefully coated them with kid friendly ModPodge. You could substitute colorful leaves to create Autumn fairy gardens too.

If you don't have a flower press, there are many tutorials on Pinterest for making a DIY version. Heavy books and sheets of parchment paper work well too. It's fun to find that someone had pressed flowers or leaves in and old book. So, start gathering the remains of summer before it's too late!