Little Loft Project: Tiny Tipis

Make a tiny tipi for extra tiny guests using painted muslin, bamboo skewers and cardboard.

Mini Tipi to shelter small guests.

Mini Tipi to shelter small guests.

We cut the pointy tips off five bamboo skewers and hot glued them into holes on a cardboard circle. I used a piece of paper to create a template for the fabric so I had the right size when we cinched it all together. The older kiddos added beaded designs with embroidery thread and then we painted the muslin cloth using bright tempera. We had to let the fabric dry overnight but it was worth the wait. The fabric stiffened up so it was easy to drape it around the bamboo skewers. The fabric is all tied together at the top of the skewers with yarn/string. These are definitely not water proof but they are cute. A couple fawns already moved in.

There are some super cute examples of other mini tipis on Pinterest.


We had just finished reading  Home by Carson Ellis and we were inspired by illustrations of different kinds of dwellings. You can also experiment with tipi making with things you may already have around the house:

The base: You can use cardboard, play dough, salt dough or modeling clay.
The tipi poles: Bamboo skewers, chop sticks, mini dowels or real branches.
The tipi cover: Brown paper bag, newspaper or extra fabric scraps