Breaking News: A New Little Loft

After six months of weekends Little Loft's Portlandia cousin is finally finished! This creative lab will serve as the heart of Little Loft. A place where we can fine tune projects, develop curriculum, offer small art classes and host day camps. While it's tiny (240 sq.ft.), you'll find many similarities to our DC space: little birds, lots of light, a thoughtful library, engaging supplies and endless possibilities. 

Above: Before undergoing a complete makeover we had a drafty dark garage that housed an old sled, invasive English Ivy tendrils and maybe a rodent or two (with no artistic ability that we could detect). 

 Well, not anymore!

Classes for ages 3.5-10 will begin in our bright new studio soon. If you have suggestions for class times or would like to arrange a special art session with multiple families, we'd love to hear from you!    Contact: