Remember when learning was always fun?

It always bugs me when I hear people say (mostly in ads) things like, "It was so much fun, she didn't even know she was learning!" - as if she would stop immediately if she made the discovery that this activity was branded with the dreaded E word -- educational!  Think of the last time you learned something new - traveled somewhere you've never been, met a person who intrigued you, figured out a way to do your job better, searched for an answer to your own question.  We have a natural curiosity about the world. We don't need special products to teach children how to learn, nor should we make them think that learning is a boring but necessary task.  The children in our classes are doing projects that may seem simple (and btw, adorable) to us, but here's what is happening on the inside:

  • Holding small brushes and crayons develop fine motor skills and pencil grip.
  • Confronting a blank piece of paper with new art materials encourages motor planning, supports innate creativity, and nurtures a sense of aesthetics.
  • Using paint, pastels, or colors that mix develops an understanding of the properties of color, and of cause and effect.
  • Stringing pipe cleaner, wire, ribbon or string teaches hand-eye coordination.

When we are curious about something, there is nothing more exciting than learning.

Bottom line: Sign up for our 2 and 3 year old classes.  We don't make learning fun.  We just keep it there.

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Butterflies, by our 2 and 3 year olds 

Butterflies, by our 2 and 3 year olds