afterschool art for tpes/pbes students

We walk a small group of children from Takoma Park Elementary and Piney Branch Elementary to our studio for after school art. Our curriculum spans the whole school year, and our space provides a creative sanctuary after a busy day! Parents pick up at our studio by 6:15.

For TPES students (grades K-2), the program is art and play based. We have some guided art projects for children to try new techniques, lots of art materials for creative play, and a fantastic collection of children's books. We take children outside as often as possible, including a 3/4 mile walk to get from school to the studio. It's a time for them to unwind and relax after school. 

For Piney Branch students (grades 3-5), our program consists of supervised homework time, followed by art fun - weaving, sewing, painting and more! You can pick them up with homework done, ready for family time! 

2018-19 school year:
1 day - $115/month
2 days - $210/month
3 days - $285/month
4 days - $352/month
5 days - $425/month
*Scholarships available - please inquire if you qualify for free/reduced meals at school!*
**10% sibling discount**

Contact Lia at for more info.